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Well, the newest update from Devinatart is the end for me. My 'paid' time here runs out in a few months and after it does, I'm not going to be renewing it again. The increase in pricing simply does not offer me enough in return to continue supporting the site via paid membership. I can find much better ways to spend that $55 a year.

:star:Will I still be posting here?  Yes, but I'll likely slow down and be more selective in the art I post.

:star:I have removed all prints for sale here, and have fully shifted to only selling prints via my own online shop :…

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100 Design Theme List

Tue Jul 26, 2011, 3:53 PM

Finished this up over my vacation, and now it's going live after much rearranging and editing of the official list.

100 design themes.

Words consist of adjectives that describe both physical and personality traits, others are color combinations, and a few are simple open ended names/titles. For each of these, the challenge is to design a character, creature, race, costume design, or whatever else strikes your fancy. Work in order, pick and choose, the idea is to have fun and expand your creature design work.

1. Tireless
2. Fallen
3. Light yellow / Gray / Red
4. Omnipresent
5. Hazy
6. Advanced
7. Dark Green / Ivory / Tan
8. Optimal
9. Dirty
10. Meek
11. Chromatic
12. Halochaser
13. Marked
14. Incarnate
15. Exotic
16. Smart
17. Defiant
18. Teal / Red / Yellow
19. Infected
20. Blinking
21. Noisemaker
22. Turning
23. Firespeaker
24. Gaudy
25. Halved
26. Abysmal
27. Yellow / Silver / Indigo
28. Musical
29. Icy
30. Winged
31. Ethereal
32. Scientific
33. Wasteful
34. Corrosive
35. Hooked
36. Purple / Silver / Black
37. Enemy
38. Catastrophic
39. Wayward
40. Reflecting
41. Underdeveloped
42. Vigorous
43. Stonekeeper
44. Restrained
45. Green / Light yellow / Orange
46. Petulant
47. Delicious
48. Joyful
49. Strong
50. Injured
51. Open
52. Mute
53. Unwelcome
54. Fast
55. Black / light green / light blue
56. Forgotten
57. Windbiter
58. Serpentine
59. White / Purple / Blue
60. Spiral
61. Blood
62. Atomic
63. Black / White / Blue
64. Incognito
65. Polished
66. Heavy
67. Glass
68. White / Red / Brown
69. Statuesque
70. Solitary
71. Stormy
72. Duskplayer
73. Faulty
74. Symbiotic
75. Tan / Royal Purple / Copper / White
76. Vast
77. Darkflyer
78. Larval
79. Fearful
80. Twin
81. Totemic
82. Ghostly
83. Discontent
84. Winner
85. Blinded
86. Starslayer
87. Gold / Red / Brown
88. Fiery
89. Jealous
90. Growing
91. Misplaced
92. Hallow
93. Errant
94. Overseer
95. Complex
96. Yellow / Gold / Blue
97. Divergent
98. Mindgazer
99. Taboo
100. Muse

Feel free to copy and paste this, share, etc. Credit would be wonderful, but in no way required. If you start this, toss me a link to your master list, I'd love to see what you come up with!

My own personal list is over here, which includes designs which I am selling:…

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I took a small break last week due to Halloween, but the news is back.

This week's critter was suggested by :iconcaligogreywings:. Thanks!

The Jackalope would be considered a 'new' myth by most standards, not having grown up from the ancient cultures like many others featured here. While European mythos contains other variations on horned hares, the American introduction of the Jackalope can be attributed to a certain Douglas Herrick. After a hunting trip, he pieced together a taxidermy jackrabbit with spare deer horns, creating the familiar critter we know today.

In the American Midwest maybe humorous tales abound about this rarely seen creature, ranging from it's breeding habits of only mating during thunder storms. To it's ability to mimic human voices, mostly to confuse it's would be hunters.

So let's give this horned hare some art.

YellowJack by YellowCat Jackalopin' by utsana :thumb60285483: Jackalope by Nuttyasafruitcake Zombie Jackalope by Kizashi-dono Winged Jackalope by Wylie Jackalope Icon by ErwinTheSketcher Jackalope by daggerstale Paws and Claws by BethMcBeth roadkill logo by SpicyDonut The Jackalope by Mishap Shoulder Sitter Jackalope by WatergazerWolf
Jackalope by starbuccaneer Storm by grygon

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Inugami.
Oh boy, I was a tough one. I finally settled on a Japanese ghost this round. The Inugami.

The Inugami, simply translates to 'Dog God' in Japanese. This power demon is generally seen as a guardian spirit that works under a human summoner, though it's not unheard of that the Inugami might turn on it's owner.

To create an Inugami of one's own, a live dog is placed in a way that it can not reach food, and left to die of starvation. The resulting demon would carry out great vengeance at the creator's wishes. The downside, those that create Inugami tend to have that vengeance returned in the end, for such a cruel act to the dog.

So let's see some Inugami created by artists on DA.

Inugami by Manar-Darkwing :thumb37046229: Inugami by TB-Samurai Inugami by nachtwulf :thumb13400231:

These next few do not directly call their creation an 'Inugami', but I found them to very similar in theme for a Japanese style dog spirit.

'Shinigami' by Xenothere Set the World on Fire by Frodo-Lion :thumb53919033: Demon Dog by brittanyrachelle Demon Dog by SilentReaper

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Hippogryph and Hippocampus
For this weeks feature, I was having a hard time deciding between these two, so I did both! This week we feature both the Hippogriff and the Hippocampus.

The Hippogriff (Or Hippogryphe) the result of the breeding of a Gryphon and a mare. The oddity in that is that by legend the favorite food of a Gryphon IS HORSE! Up until Harry Potter came along, very few sources mentioned this beast. The poem 'Orlando furioso' by Ludovico Ariosto is the first reference and still most popular classic reference to the Hipoogriff. The Hipoogriff is consider more docile than the Gryphon, eating both meat, along with grazing like a horse.

The Hippocampus originates in Greek mythos, appearing as mounts and chariot pullers of numerous gods and goddesses. It appears in great variety, some having an untouched front half of a horse with a giant fish tail. Others will have finned forelegs, fined manes or protruding nostrils similar to how have whales and dolphins were depicted in art.

Both creatures names come from Greek, 'Hippo gryphus' comes out to Hooked horse, the Gryph part refering possibly to the hooked beak of the gryphon. The 'Hipoo Campus' can be referend to in English as 'Monster horse'.

On to the art. I went and picked some uniquely drawn variations of both of these monsters.


Hippogryph Aloft by Bailiwick :thumb60435914: :thumb53806294: Lunaris the Hippogriff by layra Hippogryph Revised by EaterOfWorlds Sprite 04: Anyu big version by suzidragonlady Hippogryph Family by windfalcon Swanicorn by swandog Hippogriff by TheMightyOnes

And two 3D Hipoogriffs of note:
Hippyball by chrysocome


Hippocampus by Arivina Hippocampus by Shara-Moonglow Ivy stage 5 by arania :thumb61262565: Giftart for lilbluegill89 by CrimsonCaveDragon My Hippocampus by whennightcomes1992 Waterlope by the-illuan hippocampus by BlueStarr

And a Teacup sized Hippocampus:

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Gargoyle
Another week, another myth!

Much like last week's Firebird, the Gargoyle well known, not because of it;s own myth, but because of more modern use, namely Disney's TV show Gargoyles. In fact the name comes from the French 'gargouille', or 'throat', relating to it's spitting of water.

The true Gargoyle originated in Medieval architecture, as use as a decorative water spout. Other cultures had similar creatures, including the Greek, Egyptians, and even some Japanese temples house frightening reliefs.

Breaking from the popular Disney designs, I dug up some Gargoyles of my own, some cute, some scary..all classic.

Baby Gargoyle by sarahpittman gargoyle doodle by EatToast :thumb64645926: :thumb64181976: :thumb62719389: :thumb62134415: Puppy by carbrax Gargoyle by animationgorilla :thumb60997168: :thumb59710879: Gargoyle 2 by Itqual Sharpie fun--Chained by Icy-Kat The Stone Observers by following-the-leader

And finally, you can't have a feature on the Gargoyle without some hand made ones!

Sphynx gargoyle by labarbara Doyle the Gargoyle by oddfae Unfinished Gargoyle by maimy Percy chibified by CatharsisJB .Gargouille II. by ArtbyZaheroux Grotesque Bird by thedustyphoenix

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Firebird
Firebird you might say, 'But we already now what a Phoenix is!'. Well, you may know the myths of the Asian, or Greek Phoenix, but the Firebird is a bit different.

The Firebird, comes from Russian mythos, and is called the 'zhar-ptitsa' or Heat Bird. Originally depicted not as a crane or peacock like bird, the Russian Firebird is usually drawn as more eagle like, or at times as a pheasant like bird. It glows brightly in golds and silvers, and even it's feathers continue to glow after being removed. This firey beast doesn't burn itself in a pyre of rebirth either, hardly Phoenis like at all!

For this feature I went out into the wilds of DA and went on a hunt for some more unique Firebird and Phoenix designs to showcase.

Firebird by wunderbear :thumb58014502: :thumb52335291: :thumb50622854: FireBird - FINAL by ZsArtEr Zhyree by evanescence Watercolor Phoenix by lablue Birdish by Pristrix Phoenix by Sasky

And I even manged to hunt down three 3D Firebirds on my journey.

The Phoenix and the Halcyon by RedDrgn Phoenix Plush by sandrabong

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Enfield
Welcome back for another monster hunt. E was a tough letter to go exploring for, but I finally found a beast to fill the gap. The noble Enfield

The Enfield comes from Heraldic imagery, and was featured family crests, flags and in some cases building architecture. This obscure creature was depicted with the head and body of a fox or wolf, forelegs and talons of an eagle, and a bushy tail. There is some suggestion that this creature was inspired by the sight hounds of the middle east, used for hunting.

Let's see a few examples by some Deviant artists.

The Enfield by BerserkOrangeFury Enfield by randomflyingpigeons Alekos in Enfield form by Cl0ver :thumb44271237:

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Dryad
Another week, another strange myth to share. Thanks for all the support so far, think you have something odd to share? Feel free to note me with ideas for future creatures, or if you know an unknwon artist who's drawn an unknown creature.

The Dryad, a shy, female spirit of the Oak tree according to Greek mythos. Although now they are associated with any sort of trees. The male counter part to the Dryad is the Satyr,  who frequently in art is depicted chasing down Dryads. One common theme to the Dryad myth is that each Dryad is born connected to a single tree, if anything should happen to that tree, she too would die.

For this round of art, I wanted to avoid filling up on only the image of beautiful tree maidens, or green skinned humans. I wanted something a little more....unique.

Mature Content

Malevolent Dryad by angotti81
She'll Grow On You by The-Blue-Queen Askefrue by Xhastur Dryad - Spring by ami-nomiko Drea's Design sheet by Gakidou welcome home by vanlau Dryad by EnnuiVee Do Not Stray From The Path by Anuwolf :thumb54449837: :thumb53214932: Enjoying the View by nolwen Myrna male by leonichan Dryad Caster by saturniid Dryad by Poupou13

And lastly, I thought this combination of Dryad + Gargoyle was a nice touch to forgotten myths.

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Cockatrice
Here we are again, in a weekly dive into the unknown world of myths and artists. While this week's myth may be a little more well known, it sure doesn't get the attention it deserves.

This week, we feature the Cockatrice, a creature born of a rooster's egg, hatched by a toad or snake.

The cockatrice resembled a rooster, with a serpentine tail. Occasionally it also had dragon's wings, or a reptilian snout. What one feature that all accounts agreed on was it's deadly stare. The cockatrice would turn anyone to stone with a simple glance, of course using a mirror would return that stare, thus defeating the beast.

So which artists were brave enough to take a peek and draw one..

Pretty Ugly Cockatrice King by ShadowSaber Cockatrice by dracontia :thumb44768596: Purdy Cockatrice by YamiGriffin Cockatrice by lemurkat Cryptid: COCKATRICE by n9261andvari cockatrice by zoggop Cockatrice by esenka :thumb40534833: Cockatrice mini-painting by emla :thumb48757410: Cockatrice by Augural :thumb59308156:

And a very cuddly plush Cockatrice:

Cockatriceball by Rahball

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Baku
Welcome back to a second edition of this feature. A huge thanks for the support from the first, if you like it, SHARE it. :)

This week, we travel to Asia to explore the myth of the Baku.

The Baku is considered a good spirit, and commonly depicted in charms and other good luck items in Asia. His power, to consume bad dreams, leaving in place good luck. Anyone suffering from nightmares, should call out the Baku's name three times after waking.

The name Baku originates from the Chinese 'Mo', or 'Tapir' the animal it happens to be based on. However, the Baku is drawn as having the body of a horse, lion or tiger like face with elephant trunk, ox's tail, and feet like a tiger.

It's a stretch, but you can almost see the resemblance to a Tapir in that.

Here's a few artist's take on the Baku.

Baku by LittleFunBoy Little Dream Eater by WingedSonar Baku 3 by megarea Baku by euVento Baku--Dream-Eater by skeletonzoo :thumb41881577: :thumb30464111: :thumb30138928: Baku by AnnT33k Baku: Monster Study by white-wings01 :thumb13290976:

And a very unique tattoo of the Baku:

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

Last week: Amphisbaena
I've seen news features for pretty much all the common place mythological creatures in my time browsing the news here on Deviantart. Dragons, Gryphons, Mermaids, you name it, it's been featured in a news post.

I figured I'd give some of the lesser known myths a chance at some extra light, along with art and artists who may not be as well known around DA. Uncovering some unknown myths in two ways.

Starting with A, we have the Amphisbaena.

From the Greek words 'amphis' and 'bainein' together meaning 'To go both ways', and aptly named this creature. The Amphisbaena is typically depicted as a two headed snake, sometimes with wings, or the feet of a chicken. It is said to feed off only ants, and is sometimes called 'The Mother of ants' due to this.

So onward, we feature some artist's interpretations of this scaly dual snake.

the amphisbaena by pandorabox Amphisbaena for Tobias by jamew85 Amphisbaena Crest by ArnaTornwolf :thumb25671212: Amphisbaena by iggygirl Amphisbaena by fluffycatgirl Amphisbaena by dracontia Amphisbaena by terebynthe Amphisbaena by alexandreev

Please take a moment to let the artists featured know you enjoyed their works. A little comment goes a long way.

If you have a creature or picture you feel should be featured, just drop me a note. I'll be continuing with the letter B next week.